about elizabeth

Elizabeth Bentley received her esthetician license from the Aveda Institute in 2007. Committed to improving her clients’ skin, Elizabeth is passionate about overall wellness and therapeutic facial products. Her methodology and product choice achieve the desired effects of invasive dermatological procedures, such as wrinkle fillers and harsh chemical peels, but without the pain and fleeting results. Elizabeth’s facials are gentle and the results long-lasting. Her facials are as healing as they are relaxing. Elizabeth’s approach involves carefully assessing each client’s skin care needs then individualizing each facial based on that assessment. Aware that skin conditions change with hormones, seasonal weather changes, medications, cosmetic procedures and lifestyle, Elizabeth works with each client to determine the cause of their skin problems, engaging in an in-depth discussion about the client’s insecurities and concerns, before providing a soothing, effective and pain-free solution.

In 2010, Elizabeth apprenticed under scientist and esthetician Marisa Hernandez. Marisa Hernandez has 35 years of experience in the beauty industry. Marisa developed the Inventive Eco-Organic line of products that are used in Elizabeth’s facials. The products are comprised of certified organic ingredients sourced locally in and around Austin and Marfa, TX. They are created with fine herbal extracts, rich botanical oils and life-sustaining vitamins and minerals, blended in small batches in Marisa Hernandez’s manufacturing laboratory in Austin. These custom healing and regenerative remedies nourish skin cells and have successfully treated even the most severe skin conditions. The products are safe for women during pregnancy.