Introductory Facial

(first-time clients only)

2 hours $225

As an introduction to my services, first time clients are required to have an initial skin analysis treatment. The introductory appointment is longer than a normal service and includes a thorough assessment of your skin’s current condition and a discussion of possible underlying causes of any issues or concerns. We'll address your concerns and goals with a holistic, inside-out approach that will be specifically designed to best address your wellness needs. This extended appointment includes: the essential time needed for full skin analysis and to address any questions you may have, a discussion about the regimen you’ve been on and how we can make any necessary adjustments, and finishes with a lovely customized facial that will allow me to get acquainted with your skin.

After your appointment, I will follow up with an email that includes notes from our discussion and a plan for your skin care success!

Please note that all first-time clients are asked to fill out New Client Forms. These can be accepted digitally or brought to the appointment. These help us fully optimize the first appointment.

The Elemental Facial

(for established clients)

1.5 hours $150

This customized facial will be adjusted according to the condition of your skin at the time of treatment. This facial includes a thorough cleansing of your skin with an emphasis on massaging the face, and may include a deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, a tailor-made mask, and a shoulder/neck/scalp massage. Additionally, we may also need to discuss updating your home skin care regimen if there are changes occurring with the condition of your skin.

Please note: you may add-on Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Gua Sha to this facial for an additional charge.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Facial

1 hr 15 min $175

A lymphatic drainage facial is a soothing and relaxing massage using very gentle but effective circular motions to reduce swelling in the eye and neck area, as well as the rest of the face. The lymphatic system consists of a large network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes throughout the body. Intrinsically linked to your immune system, the lymphatic network aids in the removal of waste products from body tissue. The lymphatic system functions via and is dependent on the pressure of the blood system. Because of this, the efficacy of your lymph nodes in eliminating toxins is dependent on the efficacy of your circulatory system, which can mean a slower-than-desirable detoxification process. This is where physical manipulation of the lymph nodes comes in to help speed up the process. As a beneficial side effect, your immune system is also boosted. Before treatment, some patients may experience impaired lymph drainage, where, for example, flow is obstructed or simply insufficient. When flow is obstructed or too slow, lymphatic fluid (lymph) accumulates in the tissue resulting in swelling in the affected area, and this can irritate the skin. When fluid builds up like this it can cause discomfort, puffiness and a dull complexion.

*The stimulation of lymph node drainage is highly recommended for acne, couperose (red/rosacea prone) and general congestion of the lymphatic system (telltale signs can be bags under the eyes and a range of skin irritations). With regular treatment, the symptoms of a congested lymphatic system can be dramatically reduced, improving the skin’s appearance.

* Please Note: This facial does not include extractions. We'll begin with a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, and a customized mask followed by a 35-40 min. manual lymphatic drainage process of the neck and face. The total treatment is approximately 75 min.

Something to consider: A series of weekly, deeply relaxing Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) treatments, around 6-8 weeks, will deep clean the underlying accumulation beneath the skin that causes blackheads and milia, effectively dissolving them. A much deeper, more thorough, and longer lasting cleaning than any amount of extractions could possibly achieve. Monthly facials focused on lymph drainage will prevent congestion from returning.


Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy for Acne, Inflammation, Pain and Wrinkles Add-On

30 minutes $45

Cleared by the FDA for pain management and skin care, Celluma uses light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells.

Light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. You can think of it as a battery charger for compromised cells - the light source emits photons which are absorbed in the mitochondria and cell membrane, causing an elevation of ATP synthesis; increased ATP causes a cascade of metabolic events resulting in biochemical & cellular changes including the following: fibroblast cells, keratinocytes, mast cells, neutrophil cells, macrophage cells, and P.acnes bacteria. 

If you have acne, the blue wavelength works to kill bacteria responsible for breakouts. wrinkles are drastically reduced over time as an up-regulation of ATP helps generate new collagen and elastin. And lastly, the wavelength with IR and red assists in decreasing inflammation, lessening pain and speeding wound healing. 

You'll notice improved condition of the skin, less redness, and more firm skin. Pain is lessened, movement is easier. And breakouts are minimized. *The benefits are noticed with cumulative use. A series of treatments is recommended. 

*This service can be added on to any treatment!

Packages of 3 and 6 treatments are available at a reduced price:

  • 3 for $114

  • 6 for $210

See the blog on Celluma Pro for more:

Examples of results:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Add-On

40 min $55

MLD can be added on to the Custom Facial, Dermaplaning, and to the Hydrafacial treatments. Please read the description of Manual Lymphatic Drainage in the MLD Facial service.

HydraFacial MD

Contraindications for
Hydrafacial include:

• Accutane in the last year
• Autoimmune Disease (HIV, Lupus, Hepatitis, Scleroderma)
• Active Infection in treatment area
• Melanoma or Lesions suspected of malignancy
• Active Sunburn
• Pregnancy
• Eczema or Psosriasis
• Epilepsy (for LED therapy only)
• Facial or Waxing Treatments within 7-14 days
• Botox: wait 5-7 days
• Fillers: wait 7-10 days
• Peels: wait 30 days
• Retin-a cream: must stop for a full 7 days prior to treatment
• Obaji: must stop for a full 7 days prior to treatment
• Laser treatments: wait until lesions heal & swelling & redness is resolved
• Allergies to: Asprin, Gluten, Shellfish

Great for all skin types, the HydraFacial MD® Treatment is not only highly effective at improving overall skin health, but also excellent for remedying: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Elasticity & Firmness, Skin Tone Evenness & Vibrancy, Skin Texture, Brown Spots, Oily/Congested Skin, Enlarged Pores, Advanced Signs of Aging

The multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the devices’ superior delivery system, these performing ingredients are able to more effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles for results you can see and feel instantly. Single treatments and Series of 6 are available.