Healthy Skin and Summer Heat

The high heat of summer is here. Increased temperatures and extra time outdoors can alter the natural balance of the skin. It might be necessary to make some slight adjustments or additions to your skincare routine to calm, nourish, and cleanse your skin. 

Here’s a list to help you with common summer skin issues:

BREAKOUTS AND SKIN DETOX: For those prone to breakouts with the increased heat, sweat, humidity, and sun exposure for summer, I highly recommend the Balance Serum from Laurel Skin. For pesky acne, the Laurel Skin Blemish Treatment is a must. To keep breakouts under control, the Detox Mask is a great option. And, to calm the skin after treating it, try the Gentle Mask.

SUN DAMAGE AND SUN PIGMENTATION: When it comes to sun damage, if you’d like to support your body in building a natural resistance, I always recommend the Laurel Skin Sun Serum and Sun Body Oil. For pigmentation due to the sun, try the Laurel Skin Brighten Mask. 

SUNBURNS, MOSQUITO BITES, AND INFLAMED ACNE: The Recovery Balm from Laurel Skin truly is a miracle product. If your skin is at all upset or irritated- this product will be your go-to. In most cases, I notice immediate relief with this product for a multitude of skin afflictions. 

ACNE AND IRRITATED SKIN: To address acne or calm your skin overall, keep our Activist Manuka Honey on hand. It makes the perfect soothing and cooling mask for your skin.

INFLAMMATION AND INSTANT COOLING RELIEF: Two of my favorite options for instant cooling relief when it comes to inflammation are the Hydrating Elixir ll from Laurel Skin and our favorite ICE ROLLER - a must-have (especially for Texans).

NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: I recommend this organic hibiscus tea from Mountain Rose Herbs to support internal Vitamin C intake. Hibiscus tea is also detoxifying and anti-inflammatory. I also recommend a morning lemon water.

I hope this list helps you get through the high heat of summer with balanced and beautiful skin.


- Elizabeth