Organic. Natural. Holistic. Skin Care Services in Austin, Texas and beyond. We offer facials, gua sha, and more. 

In-Person Holistic Skin Care Appointment Offerings / Austin, Texas

At this time, Neu Skin is accepting referrals from existing clients for in-person appointments for new clients.

Contactless Skin Care Options / Remote

Transform your skin from your home with our virtual holistic skin care services. These services, when implemented frequently, will be more effective than a monthly facial.

They will allow you to: care for your skin on a daily basis, revisit your skin care routine, learn important techniques including gua sha, learn how to maximize the effectiveness of natural and organic skin care products, and watch your skin transform.


Virtual Skin Health Consult For Existing Clients

30 minutes $75

This session is designed for an existing client who wants to check-in and who may have some new skin care concerns they want to address. The consult might also include reviewing your current products for the current season or season ahead.

We’ll use our 30 minutes to focus on whatever your goals are for the session.

At the conclusion of your session, you’ll receive a Zoom recording of our call as well as a follow-up email with resources and guidance to maintain healthy skin.



Virtual Gua Sha Tutorial For Existing Clients

30 minutes $65

This is a tutorial session in which I will demonstrate specific Gua Sha techniques tailored to your skin care needs.

The tutorial will require a Gua Sha tool, a facial mist/hydrosol, and facial oil that's used for slip with the Gua Sha tool.

I will send you a personalized list of product recommendations prior to the consult.



Virtual Skin Health Consults For New Clients

1 hour $150

This is similar to our consult for existing clients but will include expanded questions and research prior to the consultation to help better understand your skin and any underlying issues.

This session is offered via Zoom meeting and includes a thorough skin health analysis, taking into account the many aspects (both internal and external) that make up your unique ecosystem as well as an exploration into your current skincare regime.

At the conclusion, you'll receive a recording of our Zoom session, as well as a thorough email, follow up with resources and recommendations to assist you in cultivating your unique skincare regime for healthy skin. New client intake forms are necessary prior to the consultation and will be sent upon confirmation of the appointment.