Neu Skin offers a holistic approach to beauty and wellness with natural skin care products and organic facials in Austin, TX. 

Neu Skin is based in Austin, TX - but offers its online store to clients and customers throughout the United States.

Under the special care and unique direction of Elizabeth Bentley, Neu Skin is best known for therapeutic organic facials, Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Gua Sha, Connective Tissue Facelifting Massage, Old World Spa Wellness Coaching, Celluma light therapy, CO2 Lift and Biorepeel treatments, and natural wellness resources as well as offering Laurel Skin and Marie Veronique, Activist, and Josh Rosebrook skin care products. 

Elizabeth's skin care practice honors the premise that beauty can be a healing, rejuvenating and restorative through a complete inside-out wellness experience. Neu Skin supports a natural skin care approach with green beauty practices. 


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Elizabeth Bentley is a holistic esthetician in Austin, TX. With over 15 years of experience, she received her esthetician’s license in 2007.  She pursued her esthetic's license with a strong desire to heal her skin after many years of suffering her own battle with cystic acne, chronic hives, and dermatitis.
As she began to understand the many facets of skin care, she began to appreciate that in order to truly heal, you must approach the skin as an organ that is directly connected to the inner workings and functions of the rest of our body. Approaching the skin as a mirror to what is going on inside our body led her to obtain her health coach certification from Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2013. 
As a health coach, Elizabeth has a strong desire to treat her clients with a holistic approach by investigating what may be at the root of their skin imbalances. Committed to improving her client's skin, Elizabeth is passionate about overall wellness and therapeutic facial products.
Her practice aims to balance the skin naturally and to restore and support the skin's microbiome and its protective barrier. Her methodology and product choices can achieve and maintain the desired effects of invasive dermatological procedures without the pain, possible skin damage, and fleeting results.
Neu Skin facials are gentle, luxurious and the results are long-lasting. Elizabeth's facials are as healing as they are relaxing. Her approach involves carefully assessing each client’s skin care needs and then individualizing each facial based on the thorough assessment. Aware that skin conditions fluctuate with hormones, seasonal weather changes, medications, cosmetic procedures, internal health factors (such as gut, liver, & thyroid health), and lifestyle, Elizabeth works with each client to determine the underlying cause or potential causes of their skin imbalances, engaging in discussion about the client’s insecurities and concerns, before providing a soothing, effective and pain-free solution.

Elizabeth has continued her education with certifications in the Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Spa Wellness Program, as well as Connective Tissue Facelifting Massage with Anne Bramham of ASTECC, Gua Sha with Cecily Braden and Britta Plug McCrae of The Green Beauty Academy, Sculptural Facelifting Massage with Yakov Gershkovich, and the Jade Tao Method. These gentle modalities provide incredibly healing results to the skin, nervous system, and a boost to the immune system. They are recommended for almost any skin type. 

The products used in Neu Skin facials are organic and completely chemical-free. They are safe for pregnancy and sensitive and inflamed skin types such as acne, rosacea, dermatitis, and various other inflammatory skin conditions. 
If you are looking for a luxurious organic and customized facial - you've found it with Neu Skin.

Let us support you in healing your skin.