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Acne Answer Book: A step-by-step guide to clear, healthy skin


New research indicates that microbiota make us who we are. The skin’s ecosystem is inhabited by diverse microorganisms, most of which are harmless or even beneficial. A few are pathogenic and play a role in acne formation.

The Acne Answer looks at treating inflammatory skin conditions such as teenage acne, adult acne and rosacea from the natural and organic perspective. It covers the whys and wherefores of how acne is formed and what can be done to improve problem skin based on scientific research.

About the Author

Marie-Véronique Nadeau is founder of Marie Veronique Advanced Skin Care (formerly Marie Veronique Organics). The company began in her kitchen lab with a groundbreaking, zinc oxide-only sunscreen that sensitive skins could tolerate. Its success led to innovative and effective treatments for rosacea and aging skin. Now, Marie Veronique takes on the challenge that has daunted the skin care world since, well, since Zorgatha used mastodon grease to soften wrinkles.

Paleo skin care may make a comeback yet, but till then Marie Veronique’s Darwinian approach to battling the flaming reds helps teens and adults conquer their acne when absolutely nothing else has worked.

About the Author
Marie Veronique has a BS in math and chemistry, and taught high school chemistry in a former life. She is author of The Yoga Facelift.

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