How To Nourish Your Skin

How do you nourish your skin?

My recommendation is that you start by simplifying your product regimen, focus on learning facial massage, a thorough lymph & blood circulation supporting cleansing technique, and get daily movement in nature.

Other tips for nourishing your skin: 

  • get quality sleep
  • get proper hydration
  • lots of antioxidant rich foods
  • eat healthy fats
  • enjoy clean protein
  • eat tons of leafy greens
  • incorporate herbal infusions into your diet
  • practice dry brushing
  • detox your life from personal care and cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals
  • balance your emotions
  • observe your hormones and gut health
  • partake in lots of laughter and love
  • obtain early morning sun exposure
  • practice a heavy dose of self acceptance.

If you’ll notice, there are no pushy product recommendations or claims that topical applications of anything are the answer.