The Link Between Stress and Acne

Chronic stress, the over-activation of your autonomic nervous system (ANS) contributes to being in the state of "fight or flight". This in turn increases your androgen hormones (male hormones) which are produced in your adrenals, leading to an increase in your DHEA-S levels which can increase the potential for a surge in oil production & pore clogging. This is due to the rise in general inflammation in the skin.

There's undoubtedly a scientific connection between stress and acne: Increased androgens are associated with higher levels of free radicals/inflammation, which transfer to the skin and can alter sebum production.

If you can relate to this kind of breakout, it’s important to start managing your stress with lifestyle modifications and nutrients that improve stress levels.

A few key nutrients that come to mind are vitamin C and E and flavinoids like quercetin.

Also, try breathing exercises like the 4-7-8 technique and get some movement in during the day, meditation and taking baths are nice options too.

Topically, you need to address the triggers for acne like poor cleansing techniques (examples: makeup wipes or coconut oil) that do not properly remove makeup and grime, harsh cleaning products that strip the skin's protective barrier, and excessive air pollution.

It's important to use gentle but effective products to fight against pollution and other inflammatory irritants that can lead to acne.

I personally love the Laurel Skin Unburden Serum and Balance Serum as well as the Deep Clarity and Support Cleanser & the Elixir II.

And the entire Treatment line of products from Marie Veronique are fantastic.

Check out the Rituals tab on my site for stress management techniques.